General Terms and Conditions

  • Financing only for the construction of the old and new * apartments (* new developments constructed by partner companies from Raiffeisen Leasing Kosovo)
    Incomes (Salaries, Rent and Pensions from abroad) minimum 250 Euro that are purchased through the bank.
  • Client's age min 18 - max 65 years old prior to maturity of the leasing
  • The product is offered to customers PI - (Kosovar, Immigrants, and International staff working in Kosovo) and business owner
  • The amount of the leasing from 15,000 euro to 350,000 euro
  • Repayment Tenors: PI-Kosovo to 240 months, PI-Immigrant and International staff up to 120 months
  • Participation: PI-Kosovar min 25%, PI-Immigration, International Staff and businesses min 35%.
  • PI-Immigrant and International Staff - 6 months installments in margin account
  • PI-Immigrant and International staff should have a CO-Leaser living in Kosovo.



  Raiffeisen Leasing Kosovo LLC "UCK" Street no. 222, 10000 Pristina, Kosovo   Tel:+383 38 222 222 ext 340/341